Skilled and Compassionate family law Attorneys

Richel Rivers and Mary Evelyn McNamara are focused and effective advocates for their clients going through difficult family and relationship conflicts.

They understand the legal, emotional, and financial impact of relationship conflicts underlying family law cases.

They guide their clients with respect and integrity.

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Custody Cases
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Mental Health Privilege


Please know how much I deeply appreciate all your hard work and diligent efforts throughout my divorce proceedings. All your staff have been very professional and exceptional with regard to all matters. 


You were a great help and highly efficient in getting us through a very difficult process and period.  Your seasoned insight and sage advice were often needed and always appreciated. I am very glad to be moving on with my life. 

You were a good and sympathetic guide throughout. I felt I had a high-quality legal mind with a human understanding, particularly of what a concerned and loving parent was going through. You listened to me and figured out what I needed.

I can’t tell you what peace of mind and strength you have given me. I appreciate your kind and understanding approach. I count you as one of the many blessings this situation has brought into my life.

Along with being “get it done” attorneys, you are a compassionate team.